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To Mr. Ban Ki-moon all Moroccan people condemn Algerian shooting on Moroccan


war is a fire  that we have to avoid ,it’s easy to start it ,but difficult to stop it, if we avoid armed conflicts is better , we are sure that the Algerian people are against this wicked deed , only a wicked gang that would like to export their crisis outside did it.   Morocco is able to defeat them , but it prefers to use diplomatic ways to disgrace them in the sight of the world, let them drown in their inside conflicts ,the evening of the wicked few persons those are causing hostility between the two brother peoples is near.
Even Allah has enjoined us to be patient, and endure their harming to us , because Allah makes patient victorious in a way that only Him knows..
don’t urge our government to declare war against them ,we have to take care of the bad result ,and of their wicked intention to seduce morocco to war, we know that most Moroccan people want morocco to avenge , but it has many other ways to do so.

What we have to do is to go on protesting in all Moroccan cities ,civil communities, and the government to show them that we are shocked by their bad dealing.

Even organizations of human rights have to condemn this ugly deed.

Hence as an international poet, poet nicknamed poet of the king,and sustainer of peace in the world ,I call Mr. Ban ki-moon to fulfill his international duty, and open an investigation to find out causes those have pushed algerian army to attack these Moroccan innocent men ,then take the demanded measures according to the NU rules and law.

If the UN  disregard this irresponsible hideous act ,Algerian army will repeat it again, and again ,and Morocco can’t bear such a bad acting issuing every so often from our neighbor Algeria, that has to respect rules of neighborhood, and make it responsible of any other imprudent ,and foolhardy dealing ,that may burn a war between the two neighbors; a war that none is in need of it ,and that may cause more instability, and destruction to the world; this if the world wants to keep peace between these countries earnestly.

The world has also to be just towards morocco in his right to stay in his Sahara without any delay, and make a limit to the Algerian provocation towards a country that is trying to live at peace.

If this only peaceful Arabic piece gets inflamed ,and disturbed, the world will be improper for living in.

the UN has to its efforts to succeed to solve this conflict inthis area , that is  liable to cause  war at any moment between Morocco and Algeria.

The continuous derangement, and disturbance that Algeria is causing to Morocco is a terrorism that the world is fighting against; to kill innocent, and unarmed people those cause no danger for you is irrational and unlawful.

I call morocco to suppress his anger, but to protest to express their deep condemnation to what the Algerian army has done, and to warn them of repeating such a horrible action.

 Belkaid abderrahmane arfoud morocco

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  1. Commentator
    22/10/2014 at 00:45

    Ibelieve we’ve got no choice but rely on ourselves in facing our odd eastern neighbors that sufffer a bad lack of self-control,all along with utter & ugly vanity

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