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Reforming the educational system: overdue or never too late ?



Amongst us a wave of pessimism reigns when talking about our educational system. For dacades, we ve been hearing of atempts to reform or revamp the educational sector in our country. Every new government has been holding high the slogan but in vain. Something looks missing! Why are all these attempts doomed to failure? Things seem to move worst.
There are ideal ideas every now and then , such as the principle teacher who is expected to help students plan their future and build a personal project to carry out their dreams. Besides, the circular 84/21 tried to highlight the importance of involving students more in school life extracurricular activities so as to get involved and improve their performance and embellish school’s image in our community. Nevertheless, it’s like spilling milk in sand as we say in our daily language. Since the 1999 national charter, passing through the 2009-2012 urgent plan , the strategic vision 2015-2030 , the -framework law- of 2019, and todays road map 2022-2026; we have been putting too much focus on students rights and the student-first-of-all principle has been long bandied about. Yet, it was unfortunately at the expense of the due value of the TEACHER in our society. The latter has been degrading despite the avowed value to the pillar of any change-the teacher of course.
As a result, teachers show little interest and reluctant inclusion in reforms’ attempts. This entails careful attention to the fact that without shifting focus from student to teacher, things won’t improve.
We need to have a glance at some of those countries that have shined at the podium among the best educational systems worldwide : Singapore, South Korea , Japan, Finland to state but few; to see the importance and position of the teacher in these societies.
However, a whisper in teachers’ ears: waiting for the above spotlight to be given, we shouldn’t shrug shoulders and think we are away from accountability. It’s not a mere job but a holy profession.
I am no longer a teacher in class; but I have been rather a headmaster in many high schools so far. I am approaching the issue from a different perspective . Maybe the overwhelming spirit amongst us is that of pessimism. We have heard of many teachers who went to Europe for vacation and didn’t come back. They choose to stay there because of the better standards of living. Everyone has his/her own arguments. Yet, as we say : never curse darkness but light a candle instead. There are still successful examples and it’s never too late. Look at the recent Arab Mathematics Olympiad where four medals – one gold and three bronze- were bagged by Moroccan students from 60 participants. The mission of an educator is not a mere relation of an official with a monthly pay cheque. It ‘s not a wealth making job as well; it’s a noble mission. But it’s not going to be so unless you take it up as an enjoyable humane hobby with your students. I am aware of the daily challenges and uprising difficulties that you are encountering, but I belong to those who spread optimism and believe that we are not going to change our society unless we change ourselves. Value doesn’t come from outside; it eminates rather from inside. Be proud of yourself: you are a teacher: the pivot of any change. It’s never too late.

Another whisper in the ears of decision makers in our country: Don’t be mean on educators. They are worth being honoured and raised to lofty positions. They deserve to live respectful lives. Give schools more autonomy and pay attention to suggestions that come from teachers and administrators and avoid top down decisions and imported ideas. There are a lot of decisions that should be revised urgently especially that of the teaching language in Moroccan classes. You need to cater for every day life requirements of teachers so that they could free their minds from the burdens of life necessities and could get involved in school life. Good governance and serious intentions will certainly bring about positive results on long term scales as well.



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