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What Can we do to keep inner beauty in thé World of tech?


Benzekri Amina

To maintain inner beauty in the tech-driven world:

Cultivate Empathy: Practice understanding and compassion in your interactions, both online and offline.

Disconnect Regularly: Take breaks from technology to focus on personal growth, introspection, and fostering meaningful connections.

Promote Positivity: Contribute positively to online spaces, sharing kindness and encouragement rather than engaging in negativity.

Mindful Tech Use: Be aware of how technology affects your emotions and relationships, and use it purposefully without letting it overshadow your inner values.

Continuous Learning: Embrace personal development and learning experiences, not just in technology but also in areas that nurture your inner qualities.

Real-world Connections: Prioritize face-to-face interactions to build genuine relationships and strengthen the impact of your inner beauty beyond the digital realm.

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