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The edifice has crumbled


Mahmoud Boudour.

The west has long been bandying about the different kinds of rights: human rights, animal rights, ecosystem rights…etc. However, not all humans are actually humans for them. The notion of humanity seems to be allotted just to a category of people that fits their mood and perception. When the celebration of Eid Al Adha is close, animal organizations in the west outburst against it on the basis that it is too cruel and barbaric to slaughter a sheep but when Israel is committing a holocaust against the palestinians in a horrible war for more than a month killing blindly all that moves, they become dumb and blind.
Where is humanity? Where are NGO s?
Where are human rights?
speechless they stand.
Do not open your mouth next time. Palestinians believe in a powerful God- The Almighty. He will protect them. He will reward the innocent children and mothers who were killed with cold blood.
We were waiting for Arab and muslim countries to stand and go to international courts to sue Israel and chase out zionist ambassadors from our countries at least but unfortunately they have become so coward to even denounce these cruelties. Nevertheless, countries like South Africa and Bolivia and others from far away have proven to be so brave and outspoken to let israeli genocide against Gaza to go out of it with such bold impunity.
What a shame!!
Shame on us.
Shame on humanity.
Shame on israelian doctors who justified targeting hospitals.
It is being seen as an inflection point, as the American president has described. That’s right.
We have found out that the west is using double standards. Human rights defendants are struck at the atrocities committed under self defense excuses. Humanity will never trust you again. It is high time to reflect on what s going on in palestine and see things right and unveil the true face of western civilization.
Nevertheless, the war is bringing about fruitful results. Many people in the west are turning to discovering a new people on this planet that is very different. A people that loves to die for their country and dignity. Kids who smile under the rubbles. Mothers that scream out their dead happily. A people that prefers to die rather than to leave their land. A faith that looks to the hereafter more than this life.
Six weeks have passed up to the the writing of these lines. A truce has been agreed on today to be applied starting tomorrow thursday November 23rd 2023. This agreement to free some of both sides’ captives seems to be temporary and fragile. We hope this deal brings positive results and stops these hostilities though it is just for four days long.
It is obviously much needed for the free world to move and stop the aggression against palestinians. Otherwise, no one will trust them again.
Demonstrations have not stopped throughout the world to call to fire ceasefire but politicians turn blind eyes and line up boldly to the israeli side.
We thought that we have brothers in the Arab and muslim world. Yet, what is happening today shows clearly that our brothers in humanity are in Latin America, South Africa, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and others.
The edifice of human civilization that has been built for centuries seems to be crumbling. Democracy seems to be a lie. Human rights and slogans of equality , fraternity and liberty are rights of just some people on this planet.

Mahmoud Boudour.
Abdelmoumen high school principle


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