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Morocco Celebrates World Theatre


Amina Benzekri

World théâtre day in Morocco
World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27th around the world to celebrate the importance of theatre and its contribution to the cultural and artistic life of nations. Morocco also celebrates World Theatre Day with various events and activities.

In Morocco, theatre has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times when Berber tribes used to perform traditional plays and rituals. Today, theatre in Morocco is a vibrant art form that reflects the country’s diverse cultural heritage and contemporary issues.

To celebrate World Theatre Day in Morocco, various cultural institutions, theatre companies, and artists organize events such as theatre performances, workshops, and seminars. These events aim to showcase the diversity of Moroccan theatre and promote the importance of theatre in the country’s cultural life.

In addition to celebrating World Theatre Day, Morocco has its own National Theatre Festival, which takes place annually in different cities across the country. The festival brings together national and international theatre companies and showcases a wide range of theatrical genres, including drama, comedy, and experimental theatre.

Overall, World Theatre Day is an important occasion in Morocco that highlights the significant role that theatre plays in the country’s cultural life and provides an opportunity to celebrate the country’s rich theatrical heritage.


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